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Let´s take a look at these "alleged" croc´s, pretending to be compassionate and caring. When really they lure and devour the regular unknown person at every opportunity. Like ravaging beasts! Don´t Be fooled. Check it out! Is That a grin I see?

croc·o·dile tears
plural noun: crocodile tears; noun: crocodile tear
Tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere.

Origin: 16th Century Mid: It is said to be so named for the belief that crocodiles wept while luring and devouring their prey.


EX President Obama cried on more than a few occasions during his term(s) as President of the U.S.A. It was his address to introduce new gun laws in 2016, where the then President teared up over children dying in the streets due to gun violence. Sorry not buying it! No logical person supports children dying from guns. It needs to STOP. But to be perfectly clear! I don't believe a man who has allegedly, given weapons to terrorist, and or, terrorist organization´s. Terrorist´s who then take said weapons and use them to kill American soldiers, civilians, children, and many others.  A man who unilaterally puts people on kill lists, with no trial, and no due process. Well I´m sorry I don't belive ya! You Mr. EX President, are number one on the "Top 5 Croc´s A Cry´n"

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This is the man with alleged financial ties to George Soros and his plan to destroy America. But while Senator Chuck and his alleged globalist pals have for years been destroying America and free speech from within. The jig is up! No one believes the long-standing Senator anymore. He has always been, and always will be just another obstacle to common sense and decency, that will shortly fall to the wayside, perhaps even jail. And forgotten this Senator will be. But till then he´s our number two on the "Top 5 Croc´s A Cry´n".

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Upon the confirmation of Donald J. Trump´s winning Presidential bid in 2016. This entertainment superstar broke down, her cheese slid totally off her cracker, on a wave of tears. This was just one of many celebrities crying and behaving like children in public over the Trump winning election results. It´s simple, the entertainment industry has sold it´s sole to globalism, like many other´s. And this was just an example of the industry sending out Miley Cirus, one of it´s stars, to perpetuate the propaganda. Nope. Not working! Say Hello to number three on the"Top 5 Croc´s A Cry´n".

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If you have done any research at all on this women, or not been sleeping the last 20+ years. You will have undoubtedly, already come to a conclusion regarding Mrs.Clinton´s philosophical ideal´s for the world, and alleged criminal activities. I know I have! That´s why me and so many others are sure that the tears Mrs. Clinton shed during the Benghazi hearing, were those of a "big old crocodile".

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Finally, here is a real big old croc letting loose. Clearly trying to convince the people of a soft and caring side. If it was not for the fact he´s admitted to wanting to cram N.W.O. down the world´s throat, so he and a chosen elite can run ramp it across the earth. Plundering and pillaging at will. I might just have fallen for this very dramatic performance given by this ex President, and current globalist.

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